SURE BUILT® is COVID-19 Compliant

SURE BUILT® Construction Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update

SURE BUILT® Construction is following all recommended policies and procedures, as set by the SRBX (Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange), regarding safe work practices for construction companies for the safety of our employees and our clients. We will always wear a mask or face covering when on our job sites, we will strive to maintain at least 6’ from our clients and vendors, and we will use hand sanitizer and keep our job site as clean and disinfected as possible. 

 Construction Jobsite Safety Best Practices

  • We have a designated COVID-19 Supervisor to ensure compliance with the CDC, OSHA and State Order Health guidelines. 
  • Conduct COVID-19 safety talks and daily personal health reminders 
  • Move all jobsite meetings to open air meetings and limit to 10 or fewer people 
  • Create and follow a site disinfection schedule to happen throughout the day to reduce exposure through surface contact. 
  • Ban unnecessary visitors to a jobsite unless the visit is purpose driven to control quantities of people on a jobsite. 
  • Stagger trades schedules on jobs with multiple employers whenever possible 
  • Maximize technology for communication to reduce onsite people and jobsite traffic 
  • Look out for “bottleneck” areas on your jobsites where workers may have to come in close contact with each other and try to manage these areas to minimize contact (hallways, doorways, stairwells, etc.) 
  • Provide hand sanitizer and/or hand washing stations 
  • Maintain 6 to 10 feet of space between workers 
  • Purchase additional tools to ease sharing where possible, however, if sharing, disinfect multiple times throughout the day 
  • Stagger crew arrival/departure times to prevent all workers showing up at the jobsite at the same time 
  • Stagger crew lunches to avoid eating together 
  • Encourage workers to change clothes prior to arriving home and wash work clothes in hot water and sanitizer. 
  • Proper care and use of personal protective equipment (respirators, gloves, eye, and face protection) 

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